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The New voter id law and you


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Requesting an Absentee Ballot-To request an Absentee Ballot return a completed request form to the Story County Auditor, 900 6th St, Nevada, IA 50201. Download the Request Form here- 

Beginning January 1, 2018 voters will be asked to show their ID before voting at the polls. Anyone who does not have the necessary ID will be asked to sign an oath verifying their identity, and will be allowed to cast a regular ballot.

Beginning January 1, 2019, Iowa voters will be required to show their ID at the polls before they vote. Voters without the necessary ID will be offered a provisional ballot and can provide ID up until the time of the county canvass of votes (Monday after election day for Primary and General Elections)


What about voters who don’t have an ID?

Any registered voter who does not have valid driver's license or non-operators ID issued by the Iowa Department of Transportation will be issued a Voter ID Card for free, automatically, in the mail. This also applies to anyone who registers to vote in the future. Upon receipt of the Voter ID Card in the mail, it should be immediately signed and placed in the voter’s purse or wallet, and taken with them to vote. Obtaining the Voter ID Card does not require any further documentation or action by the voter. Voters simply need to be registered, and take their new Voter ID Card to the polls when they vote.

If you lose or do not receive your Voter ID card, you may request a replacement from your county auditor.  The Story County Auditor can be reached by calling  (515) 382-7210. 

How does this law affect voter registration?

This law does not affect Iowa’s voter registration process. There are still multiple ways to register to vote, including at the polls on Election Day, and online. Voters registering on Election Day still need to bring a picture ID and proof of residency in the precinct, like a utility bill. This has not been changed from previous elections.

More Voter Registration information, including the form, can be found here-

What is a valid form of ID to show at the polls?

  • Iowa Driver's License

  • Iowa Non-Operator's ID

  • Military ID

  • U.S. Passport

  • Tribal ID

  • Veteran's ID

  • Voter ID Card